Return from Calvary

Limited Edition Print
By Rodney J. Johnson

Series size: 2500

15.25" x 21.75" Image Size


120 lb paper matte finish archival acid free

In Jerusalem just a few hours after the crucifixion Saint John is holding up the Virgin Mary along with Mary Magdalene on her other side.  The Garden of Gethsemane overlooks the city at Jerusalem with King Herod's temple in the center of the painting.  In the background is Mount Golgotha where Christ and the two thieves were crucified.

Hundreds of prints have been sold and donated, also used for fundraisers for churches and rescue missions throughout the US.

Saddleback Church, Forrest Park, CA, Pastor: Rick Warren, author of best selling book "The Purpose Driven Life" donations to this church included.

1800 copies remaining

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