Special thanks to Quadco Printing, Chico, CA, owner Richard Braak for his silver awards printing over all the years and all the great jobs.  And for warehousing 75% of my print inventory over the years.

Paula K. Cunningham (fiancée), passed away December 31, 2012.  Special thanks for all her support and believing in me.  The most beautiful woman in my life.  Forever yours.  Eternally grateful, Rod Johnson.

Also special thanks to Dan Ferry at Ferry's Pharmacy, Anderson, CA, for all his support and purchases of investment art.  Great friend also.

Also special thanks to Dr. Dale VanDerschelden, D.D.S., Bonney Lake, WA, for all his support and purchases over a fifteen year span.  Great friend also.

Also special thanks to Paul Harper, Edmonds, WA, a friend and brother.  "While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others."  Special thanks for all the support and opening his home for me to live there and paint undisturbed.  Friends always.

Also special thanks to Richard Givens, from the LDS church, for all his support and purchases.

Also, special thanks to Greg Collett and Nick Shultz for their exceptional website development and design.

Special thanks to all my family-- mother, father, brothers, sisters-- for all their support.