Johnson Art, Inc.

Objective goals: national distributors, book contracts, videos, television contracts, potential for T-shirts, hats, silk screening.

I, Rod Johnson, have owned my own company for over 25 years successfully.  I have established over 35,000 customer base in the US and Hawaii.  I also have custom framing and a greeting card company with 90% of my originals on greeting cards.  My company is paid for with an inventory of over 15,000 limited editions and 10 published originals custom framed to go with any negotiated offer, which could be broken down, and one original published painting could be sold with the limited editions to go with it as a separate entity.  I am also open to selling the complete company or volume print deals on a negotiated basis by phone.  I, Rod Johnson, have also been a national investment art dealer for over 30 years!