Glory Hole (Rainbow Trout)

Original Painting
By Rodney J. Johnson

19" x 25" Image Size

Watercolors with highlights in gold enamel

In this painting, titled "Glory Hole," is a Rainbow Trout going after a Golden Demon fly.  Gerald M James is world renowned for his talent in fly tying, especially the Golden Demon.  The artist would like to thank Gerald M. James for his flies, donated to Johnson Art, Inc.

Hundreds of fly shops and sporting goods stores have collected this print along with the greeting cards.

With a beautiful fly mounted in the frame, an especially nice presentation can be achieved.  As a fisherman and illustrator, I hope you enjoy this painting!  Best of luck fly fishing!!

100 copies of the limited edition prints are included.

This painting is currently on display at Karcher Mall, Nampa, ID.

50/50 split on the original with David Tiffany (business partner)