Blacktail Deer

Limited Edition Print
By Rodney J. Johnson

Edition size: 950

14" x 20" Image Size


100 lb paper

State Record #1 Typical

Original painting in private collection of Quadco Printing, Chico, CA.

Taken by the Bean family, Central Point, Oregon.  Special thanks to Fred and Riley Bean.  To date, they have 14 typical Blacktail Deer that meet the minimum Boone and Crocket score of 130 points.  Currently the Bean's 173 and 1/8 point Typical Blacktail Deer is #1 in Oregon, a new state record, and ranks #2 in the record of North American big game.  The Blacktail deer in this painting was scored #1 in 1953 and very well may have been beaten by another hunter since that scoring.

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